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“That’s the message I get from the Gibraltar Government as well.” Despite the detailed report prepared by the committee last year, this is Lord Boswell’s first visit to Gibraltar.

The list is arranged alphabetically by title and provides the date range of our holding of a title, the shelfmark, and brief information concerning incorporations, amalgamations and title changes.

“That’s where the moral duty comes in.” He said the discussions under the JMC had proved a “reasonably fruitful process” so far, but struck a note of caution too.

“At the moment it’s alright, but you need to be vigilant,” Lord Boswell told the Chronicle shortly after arriving in Gibraltar yesterday evening.

Lord Boswell, together with two other peers on the committee, will meet with government officials, MPs and representatives of civil society to sample the mood on the ground in Gibraltar.

The visit comes a year after the committee published a detailed report on Gibraltar in which it said the UK Government had “a moral duty” to stand up for the Rock against the backdrop of Brexit.

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“The drama of Brexit can provide the backdrop on which the stage could be set for cooperation that has been within our grasp before but which we have never been able to see through,” he said.

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