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This is what we call event autovalidation and is an essential functionality, as it allows you to hide information that is no longer relevant in the event console.When an event is validated, it disappears from the default initial view of events, since in this view the validated events are not shown by default because they are not considered active problems but past problems.I have the same problem here, but when a load the page.Maybe it's because Chrome auto-field the email, but the auto-field email is a valid email, it shloud not trigger email error.Events are the recording and an essential part of a monitoring system.The operators who see this screen are able to know any information about the monitored system's current state (active events) and all its history (seeing all the validated events), without being forced to look at every single agent.

In these cases, the events of transition to an incorrect state (critical or warning) are automatically validated when normalcy is restored.

The information displayed ranges from any module status change, alerts triggered or retrieved, to system restarts or custom events.

By default, in the event view you will see a photo of what is happening of relevance at that time, it is one of the most used views by the operation teams in any type of professional monitoring software.

They're also capable of browsing through global figures, data trees, names and visual screens.

The operators should see a "clean" event console which is only going to show the active problems. Just by looking on the screen, you're going to see everything that's going on at all times.

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An event have in three status: new, in process or validated.

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