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Amir is on team no, while Jake thinks they’re worthy of prime real estate because not only does it prove you have friends, but “it’s like playing a guessing game.” Why not soften the pain of dating apps by adding an element of suspense and childhood fun? When faced with no more than an empty chat box and a person who is at that moment no more than a combination of their best pictures, your mutual friends, and witty caption on a screen, breaking the ice can be pretty tough. It shows that I did the smallest amount of making an effort.Amir has one line that he finds effective enough to call his go-to: “If the other person has a name that's spelled two ways, like "Sarah" I'll say. And since most guys on Tinder are deplorable, any effort stands out.” True, Jake, true.Jake, however, was a bit more sympathetic to the plight of an anxious would-be texters. " is a nice way of hinting that you want to see someone.If date two is fully on life support my go to has been, "Hey ______, I'm going to _______ tonight with some friends from _______. " It's a lot easier to invite someone to a fun thing than a date, and a fun thing can easily turn into a date if you peel off from your crew.".

No one needs to have a bad date and then get broken up with." But in the case that you're not interested in your date and they reach out to you to hang out again, instead of ignoring their text, Jake advises to "deflect and see if they get the hint."And if they don't?

However, Amir does advocate for night dates, warning that “daytime hangs feel a little too much like a job interview.”What should you do when you want to express your interest post-date?

Amir responded as if this was a non-question, saying "I've waited a few days and I've waited a few minutes.

As if the existence of Bumble wasn’t evidence enough, men are not turned off each time a woman makes the first move.

In fact, Jake and Amir assured us that it's not only a turn-on—it can be a welcome relief.

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), I thought they'd be the right guys to answer my most pressing questions about online dating from a guys' perspective.

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