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So it has to be Paleokastritsa because of this webcam, lol.

07/07/18 18.31Bosika, thank you from all of my heart for the best recommendation ever (Kourtaki Mavrodaphne! Greece was beautiful, warm and very warm :) We decided we are going to Corfu next year.

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The grandchildren cant wait, the mother-in-law is overly excited, the son, daughter and their partners are gagging, and the wife is totally stressed and having happy poos. calm, collect and just waiting to chill and tucker-in to the lush food and fantastic sights. Can someone clarify the situation or give any updates. I'm not sure if the situation of the incinerator has been resolved but the Island is starting to get cleaner but the smell is just awful.

Just read the news or gossip regarding rubbish collections. I'm very happy that it was a good your holiday in Greece and that liked the special greek wine. Mark, we just got home and the the rubbish situation was being resolved but very very slowly.

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