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'Crocamolé'; Campton, NH, Flip Bacino, Craig 'Little Kiss'; Helena, MT, NOBO Bafford, Jr., John K.

'Longstride'; Silver Spring, MD, NOBO Bailey, Leisel 'Back Seat Driver'; Buffalo Gap, TX, NOBO Bailey, Dave 'Morel'; Buffalo Gap, TX, NOBO Baker, Nathan R.

'Mishap'; Seattle, WA, NOBO Bardsley, Christiana D.

'Pocahontas (Party Foul)'; Exeter, RI, NOBO Barker, Elisabeth S.; Bluefield, VA, NOBO Barker, Clayton 'Cockblockmoses'; Kalamazoo, MI, SOBO Barkin, Claire E.

'Chaco'; La Grange, OH, NOBO Artinger, Ian 'Little Prince'; Reno, NV, NOBO Attaway, Lee 'General Lee'; New Orleans, LA, NOBO Atwell, Amos W.

Angelo, Alexander 'Garbahnzo'; BC, CANADA, NOBO St.

Angelo, Evan 'Firetruck'; BC, CANADA, Flip Stager, Cory 'Da Vinci'; GA, USA, NOBO Stairs, Gail 'Rockette'; FL, USA, Flip Stairs, Roger 'Rocket'; FL, USA, Flip Stargel, Wayne 'Medicine Man'; GA, USA, NOBO Staron, Christopher 'Thumper'; GA, USA, NOBO Staudaher, Michael ''; OR, USA, NOBO Stempowski, Melanie 'Ma'am'; OH, USA, Section Stevens, Cole 'Pole Runner'; CA, USA, NOBO Stifler, John 'Whistler'; MA, USA, NOBO Stillwell, Alexa 'Tinker Bell'; MD, USA, SOBO Stone, Adam 'Chipotle'; OR, USA, NOBO Stone, Forrest 'Buck Wild'; TN, USA, NOBO St-Onge, Pierre-Yves 'Hoopa'; QC, CANADA, NOBO Strandberg, John 'Hodge Podge'; CO, USA, Flip Stroebel, David 'Timeless'; SOUTH AFRICA, NOBO Struhs, Caitlin 'What's Her Name'; DC, USA, NOBO Struhs, T. 'TJ'; DC, USA, NOBO Stuard, Brittney 'Two Step'; TX, USA, NOBO Stump, Michael 'Giggles'; VA, USA, NOBO Suhr, Dylan 'Superfly'; GA, USA, NOBO Suiters, Mark 'Stumpknocker'; FL, USA, Section Sullivan, Greg 'MEGAPHONE'; CO, USA, NOBO Suter, DJ 'Captain Hot Legs'; OH, USA, NOBO Sutton, Micheal; GA, USA, Section Swartz, Michael 'Speedy'; NC, USA, NOBO Swing, Alison 'Atlas'; FL, USA, NOBO Swinhoe, Tom 'Imagine'; UNITED KINGDOM, NOBO Sylvester, Wayne 'Spiderman'; MI, USA, NOBO Tabb, Andrea 'Cousin Eddie'; TX, USA, NOBO Tait, Maureen 'Momentum'; MI, USA, NOBO Tarr, Christopher 'Tesla'; CT, USA, SOBO Tate, Allie; SC, USA, Flip Taylor, Nick 'Cricket'; NC, USA, NOBO Taylor, Richard 'Sabre'; NV, USA, NOBO Tebbe, Dianne 'Night Hawk'; WI, USA, NOBO Thomas, Elly 'Chernobyl'; NJ, USA, NOBO Thomasset, Brian 'BR'; MA, USA, NOBO Thompson, Lee 'Leebob'; WI, USA, Section Thompson, Ken 'Scout'; MI, USA, NOBO Thomson, Ali 'Peach'; MA, USA, NOBO Thorpe, Samantha 'Honeystick'; MI, USA, Flip Tice, Evan 'That Guy'; PA, USA, Flip Tidey, Bill 'Bill T'; IN, USA, NOBO Tischbein, Megan 'Boo-Boo'; CT, USA, NOBO Tompkins, Becca 'Brave'; VA, USA, NOBO Tourigny, Jeffrey 'Just Jeff'; NH, USA, NOBO Triantafilidis, Christina 'Pockets'; MD, USA, NOBO Cyrilia; QC, CANADA, NOBO Trujillo, Amy 'Dilly-Dally'; NC, USA, Flip Trusty, Bren ''; ME, USA, SOBO Turner, Anne 'Lighthouse'; WA, USA, NOBO Twydell, Jake 'J2'; OH, USA, NOBO Umanzor Jr., Agustin 'Guac'; MD, USA, NOBO Uradnik, Ethan 'Lizard King'; RI, USA, SOBO Urban, Megan 'Overdrive'; FL, USA, NOBO Vacek, Deb 'Uturn'; MO, USA, NOBO Valle, Matthew 'Granite'; NH, USA, NOBO Van Assche, Oliver 'B.

Section-hikers and thru-hikers who complete the entire A. can report their journeys to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy by filling out the Appalachian Trail 2,000-Miler Application.

Those who submit their applications will be added to our roster of 2,000-milers, and will receive a certificate of recognition, an A. patch, and an accompanying 2,000-miler “rocker” patch.

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