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The list was created for young people seeking certain certain service awards, but the reality is that any adult that undertakes such a project successfully - and has the photos, media coverage, blogs and letters of endorsement to prove the activity happened/is happening - is going to get the attention of a humanitarian organization that sees your CV.

For citizens of the USA: Ameri Corps VISTA is the American national service program designed specifically to fight poverty.

But much of the above can also be gained locally, right in your own city, by volunteering.

For instance: No matter what country you are in, there are opportunities for you to create and lead, or co-lead, your own community initiative that will both benefit people and/or the environment and will build your skills for employment elsewhere. This is a list of community leadership projects that might lead to a sustainable, lasting benefit to a community or cause, that one could create, as a volunteer.

If the job is for a communications manager, and you have a biology degree but just really, really want to work for the UN, you aren't going to be interviewed.During your service, you receive a modest living allowance, health care, and other benefits.Upon completing your service, you can choose to receive either a Segal Ameri Corps Education Award or post-service stipend. You can also look for non-university-level classes (and, therefore, much more affordable than university classes) that could help build skills you would need in the field.Even in donor countries that host UN offices, such as Germany or Switzerland or the USA, the UN often prefers to hire people from developing countries whenever possible for office roles in those donor countries.The UN and other international agencies see hiring people from developing countries as investment in those countries.

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