Gridview rowupdating get key

So the task is to get the primary key of the row on which the link button is pressed.

Solution: Well, we can achieve this task from variety of methods.

What I want is to be able to update a user's roles based on the selections in those checkboxes.

I'm approaching this by writing some code for the Grid View's Row Updating event.

To Lower() = “edt” Then 3: Dim str Key As String = e.

Now on Row Command Event of the grid view write the following code I guess code does not need any explanation, so let’s move on to the next approach. Command Source, Link Button) ‘getting clicked link button 4: Dim str Key As String = CType(lb. So, now you have plenty of choices to select which approach you like to go with . Query String(”Id”) Is Nothing Then ‘check if there isnothingin query string 3: Response. Screen Cast : 1: Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. When we assign more than one database column then they are specified separated by commas.The problem is when i try to get the index: Mostly it is a primary key field or unique field.

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Command Source, Link Button) 4: Dim gv Row As Grid View Row = lb.

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