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The reel was originally enamel black and the crank handle is black...The spool hub has three screws in it which seems to be somewhat rare in those I have seen (on Ebay and what not)...] I'd post pics,but I' can't find the info on the site... Hardy "Palakona" 2 Section Brook Trout Fly Rod 6ft - 180cm #5 - This rod is in superb condition having seen very little use if any, agate lined butt ring with snake intermediates whipped in scarlet tipped with green, date code J/L built in September 1975 complete with original ferrule stopper and cloth bag Hardy "Palakona" 2 Section Split Cane Trout Fly Rod 7ft 6" - 228cm.When he passed away all I found was the rod and reel which I tossed in my closet and did nothing with...Recently however I decided to do something with it...There is a pat # on the brass mount, a "Brit Pat" # on the side of the reel under the model name and "Hardy Pat" written under the circular line guide...The Model name area is directly opposite the Hardy name area and both are written with the arc of the reel... There is a clear grey material in the circular line guide (no chips, no cracks)...

Thanks Frank, Not sure from just those pictures but it looks as if the inside of yours is painted enamel black and mine is just silver metal...The rod is a 1962 (I think) Fenwick Feralite FF86 an 8' 6" in an aluminum tube with a Scottish green plaid sock...The rod is either a 1962 or 1969 and it is like brand new... It is weathered, worn and like most others I have seen that were used along the way but it seems to work as smooth as silk...The details I KNOW are that my dad owned this reel since the 60's...He was a huge fan of fly fishing and owned a closet full of fly fishing stuff... The rest was fly tying equipment and supplies which he trashed long - long ago...

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