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Aristocracy and the upper classes would all be included in the definition of a toff. Skipping classes or faking being sick to get off work are all excellent examples of skiving, and appropriately so.And often leads to day-long drinking, something the Brits do best.When you’re really happy or proud of something, the perfect word in British slang to describe your emotions is chuffed.However, it does mean kiss, also known as French kissing or making out.That is a positive British slang term that can be used to describe something that is totally great, excellent or beautiful. You’ll soon learn that in the UK everyone is a ‘mate.’ You could be offering a builder a cup of tea, thanking a bus driver for a ticket, or asking for directions, and the only appropriate British slang term is ‘mate.’ It can also indicate your actual friends, but in reality it’s used more widely.

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When something is so shocking and surprising – for good reasons or bad, then it can leave you feeling absolutely gobsmacked.

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