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The employment agreements also contained a provision stating that their terms, conditions, and ob­ligations inured to the benefit of and were binding on successors and assigns.Carrell signed a letter agreement with Equity setting forth the terms of her employment.It acquired another 25% ownership in Equity in March 2005.First American purchased another 45% ownership in October 2008, making it the majority owner.The former employees who started the new company convinced other employees to defect to the new title company.When their former employer sued them for violating their noncompetition and nonsolicitation covenants, the employees took the position that the covenants were no longer valid and couldn’t be enforced by the entity that purchased the stock of their original employer and became the “surviving” company after the merger.The Assignment Calculator is a time management tool that outlines the process of researching and writing step by step and provides Librarian recommended links for expanded understanding of each task along the way.When corporate mergers and acquisitions take place, the parties frequently ask, “What is the effect on the acquired company’s contracts?

The parties do not dispute that Smith, Williams, and Carrell have been working in competition with First American.The name of the surviving entity was First American Title Company, LLC.Smith, Williams, and Carrell con­tinued their employment, in some capacity, with First American after the merger.The court recognized that a corporation whose stock is acquired continues to exist.The corporation’s interests and legal obligations also continue when stock is purchased.

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