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The case then is picked up by the media and Ji-Hun's father is sentenced to do community service.The media coverage also damages their family business.Eun-Sul then follows her boss into the men's restroom and proceeds to tie her boss, by his necktie, to the bathroom sink.Ji-Hun also arrives at the same bar for a get-together with his co-workers.

He starts arguing with Eun-Sul, when Eun-Sul's gangster employers come rushing after her.

When Ji-Hun goes back home his father notices the cuts and bruises on his son's face.

Ji-Hun's father goes to the gangster's office and proceeds to beat them up.

He has ochlophobia - a fear of crowds, as well as agoraphobia - a fear of having a panic attack and embarrassing oneself.

Neither his father nor his grandmother (played by legendary veteran actress Kim Young-Ok) know of his condition.

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Bullying is nothing new to president Cha(Park Yeong-Gyu).

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