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You are insanely talented actor, and very handsome.

In the drama Six flying dragons you shaking my heart with your excellent game, I did not know whether to love or hate you as you played you were a good person and a bad person, but also when you were evil you were good and your tears in the drama shattered my heart I've finished watching Six Flying Dragons recently and totally in love with Yoo Ah In's acting. He made Lee Bang Won multi-dimensional and one of most complicated characters I've ever seen on Korean dramas (well, I've been watching K-dramas for over 15 years).

Saw him in Sung Kyunkwan Scandal, got intrigue and search about him.. But Six Flying Dragons is a great masterpiece, afterall.

saw most of his movies and wow, im really amazed by his acting skills. Been a fan of this exemplary actor just this year when I came across his drama, Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Hope he will stay away from rom-com dramas after comeback from MS, where actors, in most cases, only show their pretty faces but not much talent. I saw him in Antique ..movie., Veteran, tread of lies and (planing to watch "The Throne" and Likes for like)...

dramas Sungkyunkwan Scandal , Jang ok jang, Secret love affair and 6 flying dragons... U can truly experience the movie because he can portrays the character very well....excellent actor..to see him more and more... wat an actor he is when I watched fashion king, I didn't really lyk him due to the ending of the movie but then I got to watch jang OK jung I started thinking dat I was wrong about him he puts a lot of effort into it and I do not take that for granted.

He brought that same charm and whimsicality to the relationship. Having to know him in Jang Ok Jung, I already feel in love with his acting skill, but his acting in Six Flying Dragon was totally excellent!!

I fell in love with his acting skill for the second time.

He is absolutely sensational in this show with twin roles as a modern day writer and a Korean freedom fighter. :) i like han see joo's character but i think Seo Hui Young's style suited you more well.

firstly i was not this excited, but after finished watching that drama, i really reallyy like him. However, on that cold and snowy night, the Chairman asked me to help him out, because he was as my chairman put it, "the worse speaker yet".

i was searching everything about him, not everything maybee. i was never being like this when i was love other actors. and i thought i will be very happy that he is dating!! I loved everything about the drama, but it was also my memories of the past that it brought back so vividly. By the way, his eyelids are exactly the same, and we both think they may come from the Ainu culture.

What would make my day, my week even my year despite drama land absence for impending military service would be for Yoo Ah In to star with Han Hyo Joo (from W two worlds).

I somehow recall them together somewhere or something but it wasn't a drama, probably the same award or award ceremony. I've been a fan of him for so long already and his acting never disappoints me! He's well-deserving for his awards and I Know that he would get more.

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