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In addition to their claim to "sell dreams", the actresses of the Takarazuka Revue take on another role, empowering themselves as women in a male-dominated culture.

Kobayashi's desire to make his actresses into good wives and mothers has often been hindered by their own will to pursue careers in the entertainment business.

"In fact, it is the carrying over of this 'boyishness' into everyday life and the freedom that this implies that captures the attention of some fans." The otokoyaku, however, is not bound to her assigned male role in the theater.

Tsurugi Miyuki, top otokoyaku star of the Moon Troupe, said that she conceived male impersonation as just a "role" that she wore like the makeup and costume that helped create her otokoyaku image.

While the casts are all-female, the staff (writers, directors, choreographers, designers, etc.) and orchestra musicians may be male or female.

It is not uncommon in Takarazuka for a predominantly male orchestra to be led by a female conductor.

The company is a division of the Hankyu Railway company; all members of the troupe are employed by the company.

Lead performers portraying both male and female roles appear in the finale wearing huge circular feathered back-pieces reminiscent of Las Vegas or Paris costuming.

Ultimately, however, the female members opposed these new male counterparts, and the department was dissolved, the last male department terminating in 1954.

A recent Japanese musical, Takarazuka Boys, was based on this chapter of the company's history.

It is becoming increasingly more common for women to stay in the company well into their thirties, beyond the conventional limits of marriageable age.

The actresses’ role within the Takarazuka Revue thus overlaps into the culture surrounding it, adding to their appeal to the female-dominant audience.

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