Kenyan women dating

But there are still men who will pursue these women who are over 30 and they are the beta males we so often hear about on National Geography but in human form.

The ones so grateful for a woman’s attention that even if she were a damaged 3, they would still do anything for her approval.

Well, if you are a broke man then you must prepare to work hard in order to keep your woman from eyeing someone else who can provide for all her needs.

Then if they are single, hypergamy sets in as they realize they have hit the much dreaded “wall”. well, the wall is the realization every woman gets to that they have reached the apex of their beauty and fertility.

It’s a raw deal Every man should demand atleast 5 years of beauty from their wife.

For her to make the transition from the boardroom to the household is going to mean that you have to be the alpha in more than just the household.

Women love being classy and being provided for whether they are working or not.

The women of nowadays can never inspire to be housewives because they want to feel their own sweat and their hard earned money from the work they do.

But if she is looking to transfer that load onto you?! By the time she hits 30, she is realizing that she is nearing the end of her race. So when you start dating her, she is constantly dropping hints to get you down the aisle.

And unless you’re a beta, you know that as a man, you have only started to realize your ascent.

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