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Tessa is less than thrilled that her sisters had gone against her wishes and hired someone to help her, though once they both find out each others secrets his being that he was the man she had rescued and hers being that she is a mermaid she starts reconsidering things.And that narcissistic personality she had aimed at him goes to the wayside a bit.She sets aside her strong belief in the system to protect him when shes supposed to be prosecuting him, although he is unrepentant about his actions. Beck has done some great world-building here, implying that theres more to many of the characters that we meet here, like paranormal cops Tucker and Doyle, and creating an impressive law enforcement division for paranormal crimes.Lucius claims her presence is soothing, but it never seems to slow his amoral actions down- instead, he uses her as his get-out-of-trouble-free card. Saras willingness to set her principles aside when it comes to Lucius is depressing, and Luciuss attitude towards the law and toward Sara doesnt change at all. She sets up some good opportunities for conflict through vampire and werewolf politics that will likely complicate more straightforward storylines.Not for a lack of recommendations; if anything, I have too many. *grin* Instead I’m going to recommend books I absolutely love but I don’t think enough people know about them.I’ve practically spent this entire year ranting and raving about J. But I forced myself to keep this list fairly short because if I recommended every book I loved, well, I’d be here forever.While Silencing Sam is not Kramers first book surrounding the Riley Spartz character, it is not necessary to read the first two titles (Stalking Susan and Missing Mark) prior to reading this third installment. Readers advisory note: this story is written in the first-person.A probable case of self-insertion on the part of the author leads to strong character building in this fish-out-of-water tale of an ordinary English teacher transported to a magical world to take the place of her soul-twin (who just happens to be the incarnation of a goddess).

Now, with both guys in the picture, and with the surprising knowledge that Tessa learns about her family, she has a lot to consider about her future.Paul, Minnesota region, which brings the story to life and gives it an authentic air.Shes great at queuing in plot devices to keep the pacing brisk while leaving the real culprit just behind the reveal curtain.Libraries looking to build their paranormal romance and dark urban fantasy collections have many other choices, and this may not be the best use for limited funds.The other two books in this collection are due out later this year, and depending on how the trilogy develops, as the world-building is very interesting, it may be worth it to take a second look at this after all three volumes are in print. The lead heroine, Tessa Lonike, is not your typical lighthouse keeper, as she is also a mermaid.

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