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Now, I shall conclude this Paper, after I have set down the Time & Place of my own Nativity, viz.-- I James Boone (the eldest Son of James Boone, Senior, & Mary his Wife) was born in the Township of Exeter aforesaid, on the Fifth Day of the Week, about five o'clock in the Morning, on the 26th Day of January 1743‑4, Old‑Stile, or A. (It will be noted that the persons named above are not recorded in the order of their birth. (Note: ‑While the following is contained in the same manuscript group in the Draper Collection, it appears to be a different and separate composition by James Boone.

The hand writing is the same as that in the foregoing record, but it is not so carefully prepared, nor does it seem to have been written on such good paper, as it is much more mutilated than the first document.

Charles Cist, the well‑known statistician of Cincinnati, "I never examined a more remarkable manuscript document." This genealogical account has been preserved in Jonathan Boone's family, and from his grandson, Col. This document is fully corroborated by another though briefer sketch, in precisely the same hand‑writing, preserved by the late aged Miss Susannah Boone, raised in Berks county, Pa., and obtained from her half brother, James W. Lee, of Berks County, Pa." Our GENEALOGY, or PEDIGREE; traced as far back as had come to the knowledge of J They (the said George & Mary Boone) had nine Children that lived to be Men and Women: namely, George, Sarah, Squire, Mary, John, Joseph, Benjamin, James & Samuel, having each of them several Children, excepting John who was never married.

Biddle, Esqr., editor of the Pittsburg Daily American. The said George and Mary Boone with their Family, came from the Town of Bradninch in Devonshire, Old‑England (which is a Town at 8 miles Distance from the City of Exeter, and 177 measured Miles Westward from London); they left Bradninch the 17 Aug. Oct 1785 in Exeter township, Berks, Pennsylvania Never married (was a schoolteacher)(The Boone genealogy was first preserved by John before he gave it to his nephew James Boone) b.

Viele glückliche Paare haben schon ihre Geschichten mit uns geteilt.

Von Liebe auf den ersten Blick bis zu den niedlichsten NEU.

He (with his Parents, etc.) left Great‑Britain in the 9th Year of his Age, and lived ALMOST 68 Years in Pennsylvania.-- N. When he was born, it was between 9 & 10 at Night here in Pennsylvania (allowing for the Difference of Longitude); and he died between 9 & 10 at Night.-- , Senior (the third Son of George & Mary Boone) was born in the Town of Bradninch, in Devonshire, in Old‑England, on the Seventh Day of the Week, about 10 or 11 o'clock in the Forenoon, on the 3 January 1701‑2, Old‑Stile, or A. He (with his Parents, etc.) left Great‑Britain in the 16th Year of his Age, and lived EXACTLY 68 years here (in North America) from the Day he landed at Philadelphia. at Night, in the 77th Year of his Age.— (Daughter of Hugh & Anne Foulke) was born at North‑Wales in Philadelphia County, A.

And, He the said George Boone the Third, died on the Sixth Day of the Week, near 8 o'clock in the Morning, on the 27th of July 1744, aged 78 Years; and Mary his Wife died on the 2d Day of the Week, on the 2d of February 1740‑1, aged 72 years; and were decently interred in Friends Burying‑Ground, in the said Township of Exeter. And he the Said John Boone, Senior, departed this Life (in the Township of Exeter) on the 2d Day of the Week, 16 Minutes after Midnight, on the 10 October 1785(?

It is rather certain that Daniel and Squire and the others who saw this copy, accepted the information as a true version of their ancestry. About 1819 at the home of her son-in-law, Leonard H.

A note found in the Draper Manuscripts (Draper Mss. Unknown Never married Squire Boone (Wife Sarah Morgan): Children (11) Sarah Boone b. Bradley in Missouri Correction by Ken Kamper, Boone Historian: Hazel Spraker made an error regarding the death location of Sarah Day, and she apparently didnt know where Samuel and Sarah were buried. in what is now Exeter Township, Berks, Pennsylvania d. Charles County, MO (He was 85, 11 months, 4 days) Married in North Carolina to: Rebecca Bryan (daughter of Joseph and Alee Bryan) b.

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