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If you're interested in raiding we have a flex raid group that raids Wednesdays 5-8 PST and Sundays 3-6 PST.We are located on the Ursin Pv P server, a medium population server connected with Andorhal and Scilla.Are you looking for a social guild where you can log on, chat with guildees with no pressure to do any specific activities? We are a guild that is turning 9 in July(founded on day 2 of the server being opened), has had a steady officer core since its foundation, and we are looking for new shiny faces to join us in our digital playground!We're a social guild that focuses on having a good time in game, whether that be through Pv P, Pv E, or just being silly.We are Alliance and Sith and more importantly we are a group of cool players who have a good time.We really don't have a social or friend rank, everyone is a guild member and if you decide that you'd like to join a guild raid and meet all requirements, you are more than welcome to sign up for the raid!If you want to find a Russian women who possesses all these great features, join Ua Dreams!I am a very active person and don't like just sitting still with one exception which is reading a good book :) Four times per week after the work I am going to the gym to practice pilates and fitness.

Real Russia brides whom you can meet in Ukraine, are a treasure.This means there are people on the server but not enough that we have to deal with a queue to log in.If you have any questions, we're on Twitter @Ao AGuild or you can leave a message on our forum!Real Russia women even take interest in football or hockey, if their men are die-hard fans.Besides Russian women don't burden their men with their problems and emotional stress, they take care of their men instead.

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They are loving and beautiful Russian girls that will make every men happy.

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