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It is unique and can thus be found very strange by some.Among vegetable garden scents, it's so well crafted it might be without rival. I do get a bit of a fresh cucumber/green smell but it is so light I have to bury my nose in and almost hurt myself from sniffing so hard.However, I didn't want to pay full retail for it, but I am going to buy this fragrance at a discounted price in the next few weeks, as the weather warms up. This fragrance is the most beautiful warm day in a bottle. I bought in inertia and without a sample, because I like everyone else but it was a very bad purchase.

Green mango, lotus, incense, calamus and sycamore wood are at the heart of this refreshing ode. My wife was with me when I tried it and when I did I told her that I'm smelling tomato in it and she did not believe it, we checked the notes and we found tomato indeed along with other amazing notes. I have tried this perfume twice, and fell in love with it both times the moment I sprayed it on --but the problem is that it goes nowhere with time.There’s nothing wrong with it except that it is so boring.I love it and it's probably one of the best smells ever, but I think chanel said it best.I must admit I only noticed the vegies that strongly when the fragrance was radiating off my skin in very hot weather. Not like the chemical nose-jarring blast you get from some perfumes that have grapefruit. It's not bitter/sour like a lot of citrus openings. I do definitely see the comparison to Bvlgari's Mon Jasmin Noir L'Eau Exquise; there is a definite tea scent (similar to the Bvlgari frag) about Un Jardin Sur Le Nil that my nose picks up. Nice for Spring or Summer or anytime you might want a fresh crisp citrus scent. Some people around say that smells like green tea, just like the grass just cut but more exquisite, with citrus and some flowers but very disecrete.But since that's exactly the kind of weather I'd be looking to wear a light citrus floral such as this, that's not much good for me. This is an amazing summer scent that unfortunately doesn't last long. It's more tangerine, mandarin, and orange than lime/lemon. At the same time, it smells very green, like freshly cut grass or grass after a heavy rainfall. As it dries down, I get a stronger fruity note, and it becomes too difficult to pick out exactly what it smells like. However, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is a touch sharp to my nose, but only for about the first 20 minutes, but even then, is still lovely. I do not very well how to describe it, but definitively if you like fresh smells and a kind of discrete smells is perfect. Some advertisements say that is unisex, maybe is because they love it too.

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It almost doesn't smell like perfume; that's how natural this smells. Reading the notes before writting, yes I guess that magician smell that takes you to another place is lotus.

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