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Under Canada’s Constitution, each province and territory is responsible for laws regarding the division and/or equalization of family or marital property, and these laws can vary from one province or territory to another.That said, to help give you a very basic understanding on this topic, below is a general overview of most provincial statutes regarding the division of property during divorce.Due to the complex nature of divorce and property laws, we always recommend that couples seek legal advice from a lawyer in their area who specializes in family law.This is the best way to ensure that you are fully educated, and that your rights and property are protected. 1991 to 2000British North America Acts, 1867-1975Lloydminster Charter (consolidation)Lloydminster Municipal Amalgamation Act, 1930Saskatchewan Boundaries and Territories Acts Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC) - The LLMC is a U. based consortium but does provide online access to the Saskatchewan documents listed below for 1906-1953.Welcome to the New Jersey Law section of Find Law's State Law collection. Public Statutes of the Province of Saskatchewan University of Saskatchewan Wiki - Saskatchewan Legislation Research Guide - Internet Archives - The Legislative Assembly of Ontario has digitized and added over 1000 documents to the Internet Archives.

So, whether a spouse is responsible for running the household or earning family income, their contribution to the relationship is equally important.The Alberta Law Collection - The Alberta Law Collection is part of The Alberta Heritage Digitization Project and provides online access to the following Statutes up until 1990Legislative Assembly Bills Debates and Journals The Alberta Gazette Ordinances of the Northwest Territories Publications Centre, Historical Legislation - The Queen's Printer offers access to some historical legislation and will continue to add legislation to their site. They currently offer access to the following documents: North West Territories Ordinances to S. "The British Columbia Reports is a law report series that was first published in 1884 by the Law Society of British Columbia, with judgments dating back to 1867. This collection includes the full text of all decisions published in the series." (The British Columbia Reports website). Table of Local and Private British Columbia Statutes 1872-2008- This table is provided by Courthouse Libraries BC, they are a "non-profit organization providing legal information services to the legal community and the public of BC." This table lists all private, public and unconsolidated acts as well as all their amendments and citations.

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There is much to consider during a divorce, but one of the most basic questions is “Who gets what?

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