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Buried in it's advertising section is a page in which you get a demographic breakdown of members based on the interests listed in peoples dating profiles.Yea I know, if you're a stats junkie like me this is a pretty sweet find.The other one in ten is usually just a crowd of people.Men may sleep around, but they don’t tolerate the degradation of being a part of a modern male harem, nor have they ever, really.Townler dating site is specially designed for singles for safe online dating Oberon to find better match, girlfriend and life partner from Oberon city. Someone who wants to have fun, into fitness, music and comedy. I'm over Neil Diamond, Eagles, and other MOR that is over played on commercial radio.

Even when I'm browsing chicks on the Plenty of Fish site, I tend to filter by drinking habits... Anyways, I'm a little disappointed to see that a large majority of the vegetarians on the site don't drink at all. Although, I suppose you could always use your date as a designated driver...

Someone who can kick back with a book, enjoy the quiet, and who is self sufficient. Not stuck in the past, able to explore and enjoy new music, fashion, ideas, books, but who likes history and antiques. I like new music, triple J's like a version, but also old stuff I haven't heard for a while. Everything from fantasy through to murder mysteries and history.

Terry Pratchett, Raymond E Feist, Janny Wurts, Terry Brooks, Val Mc Dermid, Enid Blyton, Jean Plaidy.

For instance, did you know that people interested in necrophilia have a 300% divorce rate? Despite my juvenile usage of this neat Internet tool, I decided to put my mind to better use.

Recently I had an argument with a friend of mine which I declared that the overall population of vegetarian females was hotter than the overall population of omnivores.

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