Norton antivirus 2016 not updating

Whether you’re looking to protect your PC or an entire fleet of computers, chances are you’ve either considered or have ended up purchasing products from Symantec.

The company sells consumer software under the Norton brand, in addition to Symantec Endpoint Protection that targets enterprises.

An attacker could easily compromise an entire enterprise fleet using a vulnerability like this.

Network administrators should keep scenarios like this in mind when deciding to deploy Antivirus, it’s a significant tradeoff in terms of increasing attack surface.

Some Quicken customers are being alerted by Norton that is a virus or malware, which is removing Quicken (QW.exe) from their computer systems.

This alert is a “false-positive” and we’re working with Norton Symantec to resolve this as quickly as possible.

One of the vulnerabilities takes advantage of an unpacker that Symantec runs in the kernel.

All Symantec and Norton antivirus products are affected by the vulnerabilities including Norton Security, Norton 360, Symantec Endpoint Security, Symantec Protection Engine and so on.Like most good anti-virus programs, the Norton AV software lets you exclude files and folders from being scanned.You tell the software to no longer look at that file or folder, which blocks it from the program's view.Excluded items are not seen by Norton Anti Virus software and are not protected by the program.Anything ignored by the software might end up having viruses later on that the AV application won't know about because they're excluded from scans and real-time protection.

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“They don’t require any user interaction, they affect the default configuration, and the software runs at the highest privilege levels possible.

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