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Disqualification or excuses from jury duty must adhere to strict legal guidelines as allowed by law and may be submitted by completing the disqualification or excuse section on the summons.

You will only be notified if your request is denied.

on the evening prior to their report date by calling (559) 457-1600 or online at You will need the juror badge number and PIN number that is printed on your summons to check your reporting instructions. Juror Parking Map Prospective jurors who have been summoned to the Fresno or B. Sisk Courthouse in Downtown Fresno may park free of charge in Garage 4 located at Tulare St. or in the Convention Center Garage located at Inyo and "O" Streets. Parking passes are required when leaving the lot and are available in the jury office.

Jurors are instructed to check their reporting instructions after p.m.

Per state law, jurors are paid .00 per day starting the second day of service.

Mileage is paid at $.34 per mile one way from your legal residence to the courthouse.

If you are a sworn trial juror you must pick up your verification card in the Assembly Room prior to reporting to the courtroom and at the end of the day when you leave.

Work certification forms that display dates served are also available by request at the end of your service.

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