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This tree is significant because it shows that Toluca was important enough for the Aztecs to create a botanical garden.In 1521, the Spanish conquered the Valley of Toluca.A small Postclassic site was discovered on the hill called Tolochi, which is in the north of the modern city, but the remains seem too insubstantial to have been a major provincial capital.The tree of "Las Manitas Rojas", which literally means "little red hands", was planted before the Spanish Conquest in what is now the monastery of Nuestra Señora del Carmen.In 1478 the Mexica emperor Axayacatl conquered the Toluca Valley.The capital was stripped of its dynasty and power and some lands were distributed to kings and nobles from the Valley of Mexico.Leading the troops was Gonzalo de Sandoval, one of Cortes' many sergeants. The valley of Toluca and what is now the city of Toluca were included in the concession made by King Carlos V of Spain to Hernán Cortés.In 1524, the evangelization process started in Toluca.

According to the 2010 census, the city of Toluca has a population of 819,561.In 1793, the construction of a road to Mexico City was started.Although Toluca was recognized as a city as early as 1662, In 1810, at the beginning of the independence movement, Miguel Hidalgo stayed in Toluca for a few days on his way to the Battle of Monte de las Cruces.In 1811, a group of indigenous natives of Mexico was shot and killed by Spanish royalists.In memorial to those who were killed in this incident, the place where this occurred was named "Plaza of the Martires".

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