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emgtoo BUt and crea- tor of "ITie Yillow Kid," "Buater Hrown aucl othrr newspaper (•^(l Ilt(^^, died at his home lipr-.- lixlay M»- wa.s Mxty-nve yf^r^ w UI llr ah born 111 Iwiiica AUT 0! Just aa the produrr Maifea Uav Act p t a f wi tid the ahip ment of tntft aai pr a iu oa. Tile aale of Oooda Al t vvhieh might s Ko af Teet tran.s- artion.s vith peo|ile out nf the provin ' . '^^^^^^^^^ tfiitional He contended that the Leglslstur' would be p Awerless, to control sn^ mmltlee of of the natural resources and prod Mainland nets of the provinre if its hands »e!

S, 512,295 The Conservative leader then respectively. It should be ramamberad, he aald, the since 1 hi:" 1780 and Cmiada only since tub TABLISHl NO L.£. •■• -a" ' e i ilng the «team^r \'','i.r-.a -•(-■-r; ' ' - ■.-rii'.r 'rxlav ^Shc earned eighty pa Mengera. and by tlie municipality s (all- ure to complete Ita oonstrutioo and. w Ml ftf U Louis hrri Very fl HIrt, SBd a special valae k New Shoe for Guitlei BM I'.arkcr s \'. by tl M Ug day held last Baburday by thf t Adl M" At Htl Mary of the TJCO. Thr cnr Timntrc in rhar RC of the appral wish ti) thank all e who aani-sl Pd In any way tn the surt^ww of the affair part ii uliir! cotinsel for the plaintiffs In both i m i Inrcglliag TJie f'yesterday Tlie aition launched bv Charles and . of Mc Kcn/Avenue iigainst the Corporation Of the District of Saanlch Involving a dispute over the drainage Of water from the Quadra Street area, waa dlsmiased with ooeti agalaat the plaln Uff on May 30 laat bf Mr. Maanieh munieipalitv clalmlno that their lands were flooded bv ttie nephccnt anri unlaw- ful consfru' ' mn of a ditch bv , Saan Ich. SEr XEMIl EJI 26, 19i8 Hliic Kid O a e - S t r a p Pumps. Auxiliary Thanks Uelper» Til*" Miin of 1 "i.'i wa.s nr't^r! iii to provide for the use of con; aclentlflc manner as Is used n. aapt.*l$.— The aawly cre- ated Prenyl al MBtiy of tho air la, experiencing stl aorti of djfhfii Ky 'o take off. Ramsav Mac Donald to '^aa ah OOt from one elertion to anofh^T." "As vie ari' mitliln measurable distance of H (.'eneral eiee'lon It 1^ very ncff nr, 'ha' 'hi' p^opie 'nh.. '•■ alon S" 'i.' ,.-«iecvioo w Ui be held to- NORTHERN^t ARGO NOMI. he n Hid The Maliaxajali sau1 th.c thr In- dian rulers h«f1 ••«** irriv.' complete unanimity wltli re Kurd to the bast raaady for the prest-n' difflcttltlaa. if ■ he new fkjvemment rtijiar- rneni feels 'i ,i ' ■;r ■;,;i', ii, 't Ti' tl Vl- niai I. Ol MBCliin said because it long had been tha practice of Lloyd Oeerga aad J. ■The rulers of tha nsttw (tates are seeking their constitutional ri Klit.-,, and im Dilng more but at pii'.serit wr do noi I'lijuy all those rii(hts.

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I Tne Province of h .' ' .iu'nt)ia while not dlrecuy inu-r- t.d in the Uii i»irpo«.e of «eetl. King Alfft"t» al MUKloned ills In- cognito long anoogh to aand to President Doumergae a peraoaal message of thanks for tha lattar's condolences of the Madrid thaatre g£&F£CT FOR LAW Wl NNii'l-.o .

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