Pcmcia the driver needs updating to supported shared irq lines

On the other hand, on liquid crystal displays (LCDs) used in laptops, a liquid crystal area is used to control reflection of external light or penetration of background light to the viewer.

The older and cheaper dual supertwisted nematics (DSTN) technology uses a matrix of wires to control the state of the LCD pixels.

A 1024x768 TFT display has more than 2.3 million transistors, so it is not improbable that one or more pixels are broken.

BIOS versions installed on the laptops depend on the laptop model and the date of manufacture.

One transistor can make the appropriately colored liquid crystal pass the background light or make it completely block the light, with many gradual steps in between.

One broken transistor thus leads to a red, green, or blue dot on the screen or a pixel where there is one of the three colors always missing.

BIOS updates can be downloaded from Toshiba's support site.

The most recent BIOS versions available there are shown in the specifications section If you need to get into the BIOS setup screens and don't want to boot some Microsoft product just to run key will get you to the BIOS setup screens.

Therefore, you cannot see anything on a DSTN display when there is no external light source. When the control for one of the wires of the matrix is broken, a whole half row or column of the display will always be lit or always stay dark.

Some TFT screens have one or more broken transistors.

On dual-scan LCDs, there rarely is a whole half row or column broken.

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This page should cover some of the most common issues, but as usual with software, hardware, and more so with documentation about them, there is always struggle to stay up-to-date.

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