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Absolutely no payments are made to Ustream, nor is income, revenue, or compensation of any kind received from any organization or entity, advertising, sales, or any other source whatsoever in association with Mel & Sydney Barn Owls of Oceanside, CA.

Copyright Notice All images and sounds derived from video streaming of Mel & Sydney barn owls constitute User Created Content (UCC) and remain the property of the owner under the copyright laws of the United States.

Naming Contest winners: ozgood13 and jvet ALICE - Hatched 3/11 at pm click for Youtube video Talk about coincidence - incubation time 31 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes !! The smallest one in the family is sure to be a bounder of adventure in this 'leap' year clutch.

Naming Contest winners: pcanada, cheery4, ljmarine, plymouth49, owliphant, hippiechick1970 ROO - Hatched 3/14 at am click for Youtube video Roo... Naming Contest winners: largomet, rumbarue, coyotemommy, nana2four, heatherjane, niceplanet Egg #1 Feb 5 (am) click for Youtube video Egg #2 Feb 7 (am) click for Youtube video Egg #3 Feb 9 (pm) click for Youtube video Egg #4 Feb 11 (pm) click for Youtube video ================================================== MATILDA - Hatched 2/16 at pm Named after the "unofficial" Aussie national anthem "Waltzing Matilda" Play the up-beat version - click link:##### Waltzing Matilda - by Aussie group The Seekers DUNDEE - Hatched 2/18 at am Named after the Aussie character Crocodile Dundee of movie fame.

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BINDI - Hatched 2/19 at pm Aboriginal word for "young girl" and also daughter of honored Steve Irwin, well known passionate wildlife, nature, and conservation proponent from Australia. The relatively warm winter weather in San Diego County always seems to bring the owls into the box much earlier than elsewhere - but we're running a little later than in previous years.

It is a region of New South Wales, Australia, extending approximately 75 190 miles north of Sydney.

Over 30,000 years ago the Wonnarua tribe of aboriginal Australians inhabited the land that is now known as the Hunter Valley region.

ADELAIDE - Hatched 4/7 at am click for Youtube video of hatch Also, Mel meeting Adi at one hour old click for Youtube video Our owlet Adi is named after the state capital of South Australia.

Founded in 1836, Adelaide is the 5th-largest city in Australia.

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