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The majority of countries on this list are in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, or eastern Europe.These include Bangladesh, Cuba, Haiti, India, Pakistan, China, and South Africa, although the list is subject to change.The airport recently underwent a multimillion-dollar expansion that has made it pleasant, modern and easy to navigate.It has good restaurants and a nice scattering of stores for shopping. There is a domestic terminal that may be increasingly used by international travelers to make direct connections to destinations in western Panama.There is also a Cable and Wireless office that sells phone cards and has internet, fax, and long-distance calling services.The airport of David in western Panama is in the process of expanding its runway and may soon have international flights.Arrival Airports Most visitors get to Panama by air.

It’s recommended to begin the application process at least a month before the start of travel.There are two types of visas for Panama, “stamped visas” and “authorized visas.” The so-called “stamped visas” let some travelers enter Panama several times throughout the year.This type of visa is only available through a Panamanian embassy or consulate, and the Panamanian authorities decide the length of the stay, which is usually 30 days per visit.Panamanian entry requirements can be difficult to pin down.Government officials may say something different from the government website, and some rules seem to be in constant flux.

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