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The bloated JAA IR system is the result of decades of European job creation and protectionism, and a lack of political support for IFR GA.In Europe, and anywhere outside the USA with the notable exception of Australia, nobody in power cares for private IFR capability, which is permitted grudgingly under ICAO obligations.Using the QB, they could even be passed by somebody who has no aviation knowledge whatsoever, albeit with considerable work.The exams are merely an extremely tedious exercise which involves the memorisation of a lot of material which is almost wholly irrelevant to flying.The new EASA FCL (flight crew licensing) regulations start to come in, gradually, in April 2012 so certain things in this article will become obsolete, but the bulk of it is likely to remain useful.The main purpose of this article is to assist FAA IR holders in obtaining the JAA IR in the easiest possible way.For the JAA IR, you go to a ground school FTO, spend a load of money, study, sit the exams, then go to a flight training FTO (which can be the same one) spend a whole load more money, do the flight training, and get the IR.

I think there is a likelihood of a post-2014 "regulatory uncertainty" during which a regulation will exist on the books, will not be enforced because there won't be a pan-European airport-based inspection/enforcement framework for a duplicate paper requirement applying only to EU resident operators (imagine the average airport policeman trying to get his head around that) and in many cases the operator residence will be impossible to establish objectively post facto, is that the 15-hour conversion route is proposed to be terminated (or modified) by EASA on 8th April 2012. 10/4/2012: it appears that the 15hr conversion route is just carrying on, because nobody in the training business knows what to replace it with This rather long article may give the impression that the JAA IR is exceptionally hard. Anybody with reasonable intelligence and a good understanding of English, who is able to do basic maths on a calculator, can do the seven theory exams which are anyway nowadays mostly reduced to swatting up the question bank (QB).

The degree of irrelevance, which is immediately apparent to any current IFR pilot, is de-motivating but one just needs to get one's head down and get on with it.

A few months' of evenings, max, should see the back of it, and some bright people have done it in much less time.

This is not impossible under the JAA system but the high costs (anything up to £130/hour) of FTO instructors mean that practically nobody is going to do this with the JAA IR.

A 700nm trip, with an overnight stay, is going to set you back some £1500 just for carrying the instructor along, but the flight-instructional value of a long trip is small.

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