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Escaping even as the ruins collapsed around him, Demolishor activated the Mini-Con, Bonecrusher, and used its power to send the Autobots packing.Unfortunately, Megatron forced him to give Bonecrusher up because he had "disobeyed" orders by abandoning his guard post.The tables were soon turned, though, when the Decepticons experienced some downtime, and everyone began mocking Demolishor for how clumsy and useless he was outside of a combat situation.About to slug Starscream for the insults, Demolishor only wound up proving everyone right when he tripped over Leader-1 and fell through the base wall.

Demolishor pursued the kids through the ruins, fighting off robotic spider-sentries, and managed to claim the Mini-Con for his own.During the battle that followed, another two Mini-Cons were uncovered and retrieved by Cyclonus, one of which he kept for himself, and the other which he presented to Megatron.After retreating back to the moon, Demolishor and Starscream duelled to prove themselves worthy of being given the Mini-Con; their contest was something of a draw, but Megatron gave the Mini-Con, Blackout, to Demolishor.Demolishor's alternate mode did not prove conducive to mountain-climbing when a new Mini-Con signal was detected on a high peak.Hot Shot proceeded to slice Demolishor's shoulder cannons off with the Star Saber, which made him reluctant enough to plead with Megatron not to attack the Autobots' base in hopes of retrieving the sword.

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The turncoat's tactics allowed the Autobots to thoroughly outsmart the Decepticons on the battlefield, giving them their first defeat in a long time.

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