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Deep down, the team knows this decision symbolizes everything.

His best performance happened as part of an ensemble cast in 2009’s Adventureland, a quality dramedy that tanked despite excellent reviews.

Fact: People believe Ryan Reynolds is a movie star (even though he isn’t).

That’s all you need to know about Hollywood right now.

guys who star in movies that are guaranteed to end up showing on an airplane, whether it’s a generic action romp, a gross-out comedy that’s neither gross nor funny, or any type of romantic comedy involving a career-driven woman who lies to everyone around her to find herself a man —I would take Reynolds over Ashton Kutcher, Patrick Dempsey and Aaron Eckhart.

He’s the most versatile half-decent actor out there, and I swear that wasn’t a backhanded compliment.

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Here’s where sports and Hollywood diverge: In sports, we’re constantly assessing everything from both a small-picture and big-picture standpoint.

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