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We are left therefore with two contradictory versions of the parentage of igo "Arista".These are both shown in Part A of Chapter 1 of this document. However, at this distance in time, our knowledge of the families in question is so limited that it does not appear worthwhile to speculate with any degree of certainty about which hypothesis should be preferred over the other.Presumably he was a Carolingian appointee, although his name indicates Iberian rather than Frankish origin.Records suggest that some form of organised Navarrese state first emerged in the early 9th century, under the leadership of igo "Arista" whose death is dated to [851/52] in an Arab source.Apart from the Navarrese dynasties, these are the counts of Aragon, Pallars, Gascony and Toulouse, none of whom is recorded as related to the others in the male line.One possibility, therefore, is that the author of the Codex purposely separated his description of the two Navarrese dynasties, in the same way as his narrative concerning the other comital families, because they too were unrelated.As the text was written just over eighty years after the extinction of the Iiga dynasty, the authors of the Codex would have been well aware of the family connection if such a close one had existed.

It is not even clear that the title "king" was adopted by the early leaders.

It is not known whether igo was a descendant of immigrants from the Visigothic court or was a local chief who imposed his leadership over time.

Various references to Gascony in the early sources suggest that a Visigothic origin is unlikely.

The description of the Iiga dynasty in the Codex starts with igo "Arista" and his children.

The chapter which follows deals with the Jimena dynasty, stating that Garca Jimnez and igo Jimnez were brothers without mentioning their father.

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This requires us to believe that the mention of igo Jimnez in the second part of the Codex is completely unrelated to igo "Arista" in the first part.

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