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Give him a glass of wine or a beer first, and then take a spin on the living room "dance floor" to some music. Day 9: Role-Play It's time to get down and dirty (naughty schoolteacher) or slow and easy (nurse wife at your services). If you're ambitious and open-minded, send him a text telling him that the teacher needs to see him after the kids are in bed for a serious lecture — he won't know what hit him! If your acting chops make people want to chuck a tomato at you, just stick to a little bit of dirty talk during sex. If your kid catches you, tell her you're just playing dress-up like she does. Day 10: Take a Stroll I understand that for some of us on the East Coast and Midwest, it's a tad bit nipply out — no pun intended! Just be sure to get a babysitter or even just a neighbor to watch the kids for 30 minutes even. Day 16: No Sex, Just Kissing Remember when you had to tell your boyfriend, "No second base? Stick to just the three bases — do I need to explain those? Day 18: Food = Love Make your loved one's favorite meal for dinner — and let him eat it by himself, in peace and quiet. Day 14: Be the Model Let your partner pick your outfit out for the day. Then, watch it alone a few days later, but no matter how fat you think your thighs are (they're not! Changing "location" is good for your sex life, and a public act just ups the excitement. Day 11: The Quickie Pick 20 minutes out of your day — whether it's during a nap, midnight, or 5 in the morning, and have a quickie with your partner . Day 13: The Public Act Pick a public place to get naughty. If you can't get a babysitter, fool around in the car late at night. Sure, but once all the "body parts" activate, you won't feel so stupid. Write an old-fashioned note listing 15 things you love about your partner. Day 21: The Wedding Revisit the walk down the aisle.

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