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I scrolled through the menus to make sure everything was on the proper settings and it was working."Well, everything seems to be working fine, Ms.Fer, Kelly," I said scrolling through her channels."Great Andy, but can you come sit and show me the remote, I want to make sure I don't wind up messing up the settings."I sat on her couch, and Kelly followed. Leaning toward me, she placed her hand on my thigh.All I could do was sit there, motionless, blankly staring in her direction.

No one really knew the full story, but it did come out that he had started an affair with a college intern at his accounting firm. Ferguson was only in her early thirties, had dirty blonde hair that cascaded down just past her shoulder blades.As she inched her way back to my tip with her tongue.I leaned back into the couch, my arms draped on top of the backrest."Go ahead Kelly, take my cock in your mouth." I encouraged while she was twirling her tongue around the head of my dick. Without a second thought, Kelly's lips enclosed around my staff. My eyes closed, head tilted skyward, breathing deeply. That shot my eyes wide open."Oh Kelly, that's amazing. " I exclaimed"Give her some time, she'll get there." her muffled response, my cock still in the confines of her mouth.Kelly alternated the speed and depth in which my cock passed into her mouth.She'd expertly work just the tip and stroke my shaft with one hand and fondle my balls with the other.

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I went about getting the TV out of her SUV and into the house. It seemed to be tighter and more prolonged than the situation called for. The way her breasts were pressed against me made my dick begin to wake from its slumber."Do you want me to set this up for you Ms. " I asked breaking the embrace."Oh no, you don't have to do that. Other people you need to be with." She replied with a slightly raised eyebrow. It wouldn't be any trouble since I'm already here." I assured her.

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