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Methodological issues arising when collecting, analysing and presenting such data are discussed, and some recommendations are outlined for carrying out school-based peer education.

This paper is the second of two presenting data from a multi-centre research study of peer-led sex education.

There was no formal screening of recruits; in some cases individuals were approached by teachers and encouraged to take part, and in a few others teachers actively deterred students from volunteering.

One of three researchers (two female and one male) worked with each of the 14 schools.brainstorming, role-playing, small group discussion) and lesson plans on one another, and to develop strategies for managing Year 9 students' potential loss of enthusiasm or disruption.Peer educators were encouraged to deal honestly and openly with factual questions, to respect confidentiality, to encourage the articulation of students' implicitly held values, and to use ground rules designed to deter personal comments and questions in their interaction with the target students.Wherever possible, peer educators worked with the same group of students for all the sessions.This paper draws mainly on data from the focus group discussions undertaken with peer educators after they had delivered the programme of sex education.

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This paper explores some of the issues identified by peer educators as important when implementing a peer education programme in schools, and attempts to contribute to the methodological literature on standards in qualitative research by describing the development of systematic methods for collecting and analysing qualitative data collected in focus group discussions.

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