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More Details 10 mins walk Singapore’s location near the equator is one of the few in the world with a vista that allows you to view constellations in both the northern and southern celestial hemispheres.Endowed with a range of sophisticated facilities including a 40cm Cassegrain reflector with combined focal length of 520 cm, a 15 cm apochromatic Kepler refractor and a 5.5 metre stainless steel dome which can swivel in any direction.A harmony of East and West, where tradition melds with modernity, Singapore offers an incredible tapestry of diverse cultures, architecture, art and cuisine.Amid a cityscape of grand colonial buildings, conservation shophouses and futuristic skyscrapers, discover an infinite playground of experiences – from unparalleled shopping and a vibrant nightlife, to museum-hopping and a rich multi-ethnic food culture.Whether it's for a hobby or for the art of fighting, you can learn how to do a lot more today than In many cases, a person will need to sell a home fast.This can occur due to a variety of situations, such as an illness, job relocation, divorce, inheritance, or other factors.

As a result, President Trump will win this trade war, which will bolster him to fight others.

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Its untouched beaches and warm blue waters is home to beautiful reefs and marine life. More Details 32 mins drive A calm and beautiful place to gaze at all the beautiful sea creatures through the world’s largest acrylic panel. For a relaxing day out, have a picnic under the shade of our tropical trees, light up a barbecue or indulge in sumptuous cuisines at hawker centres or restaurants for a cool beach side dining. Beach volleyball, cycling and various water sports such as cable-skiing and laser sailing facilities are also available with multiple shower facilities along the coast.

This island is accessible by public bumboats from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. More Details 21 mins drive Founded in 1859, this 52-hectare garden is the only tropical garden to be honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcasing spectacular tropical flora in a stunning verdant landscape.

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