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If an LDAP directory has all your agent data stored, you can use the LDAP module to authenticate your users in OTRS (see Example below).

If they were, they would have precedence over the automatically set values.

The configuration parameters shown in the script below can be used to synchronize the user data from your LDAP directory into your local OTRS database.

This reduces the number of requests to your LDAP server and speeds up the authentication with OTRS.

To use company tickets, a new field has to be added to the LDAP directory that contains the IDs accessible by the customer.

If the new field in the LDAP directory has been created, the new entry has to be added to the MAP array in The field for the multiple customer IDs has to be edited directly in the LDAP directory. To ensure access by a customer to the tickets of other customers, add the customer IDs of the customers whose tickets should be accessed to the new field in your LDAP directory.

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This can be useful if a customer must access tickets of other customers, e.g.

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