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SE's account management is already labyrinthine enough as it is.

Especially for MMOs which, more than most other genres, tend to be long term time investments.

Thank you for the response /u/SE_Kahuna; Although of course it is helpful to have so that people are aware of the issue I feel like this won't help a lot of people due to the fact that the only time people go to read an FAQ is because they are having an issue.

I found this very frustrating but I'd also like to add that the game is amazing and I am pleased to have bought the game.

I thought "Oh I'll verify the game cache integrity" it said it was missing 44 files, I did it again and it was successful.

NOW It's making me download the whole game all over again, I've nearly finished the 8gb it wants me to download on steam but I'm only waiting for it to tell me to download the 16gb worth of updates all over again.

It's really annoying, but it's not like you'd use the verify option on a game often anyway. Steam went "AH SHIT THESE FILES ARE ALL WRONG" because they're patched, so once it's done you get to sit through the launcher going "oh hey this guy's on 2.2/2.3! "I'd also be paranoid of what happens if Steam decides to go belly up or what have you.

Despite owning the game on steam, I've stopped playing FF14 through steam, instead using SE's official client.I've no experience with any of those games, but some quick Google searches suggests you'll have the exactly the same problems if you try and verify either Tera or Warframe: Tera: https:// looks like the Steam version of Neverwinter actually downloads via Steam (even though it has its own launcher), but as I said above I have no experience with these games.Ideally you're right and SE should update Steam each time there's a patch, but from their point of view they probably don't see it as worthwhile as the game patches from the launcher and has no knowledge of Steam at all (Steam and non-Steam versions of the game are identical just the code used flags the account as Steam or not).Based on your explanation, I'd say it's more on SE for not updating their files with steam, rather than it being a steam thing.I've never come across this before in my decade of steam usage.

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