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Do you think this idea that she was going to leave you for a woman was haunting you both in some way? But what I like about that episode, in general, is that it takes a person — the Guy — who you think is very happy and calm and collected, and it reveals about him that he’s just like everyone else: He gets frustrated, he gets scared, he gets angry. I became a little paranoid about making sure that any positive attention that was directed toward me got split up between us both, and I became very vigilant about it.

It made me felt like I couldn’t enjoy the success that I had worked for. Because I had something so many people wanted, and yet I couldn’t find any happiness. “There are only two tragedies in life: One is to get what one wants, and the other is to not get it.” But the lucky thing is that the rise of the show has been gradual. And that’s why I’m pretty excited to do this again.It’s got like afghans and a Nintendo system and a vinyl record player. And my dad was a teacher, so he had a whole class of other kids. I could imagine that when you and Katja were still together and not getting along, smoking would become an important way to decompress together. And it freed me up to pay attention to helping myself with what I needed. It would probably be pretty cool to put our eggs in another basket, and I have shows that I’m excited to develop and am already talking about developing shows and features. I work best when I’m taking a walk or taking a shower.I don’t know if we were trying to depict him as resisting change or something like that, but that’s just how it ended up. I was really fighting for attention, and my parents really didn’t have a lot of energy to put towards me at that point; they were working really hard. Whatever attention I could get, positive or negative, was what I wanted. Just as much as smoking pot was a diversion from dealing with my issues, so was trying to help her with her issues. The first two were men, who I found ways to disqualify as being helpful to me. I didn’t like the writers room in that we were sitting in the same office during work hours, ten to six, eating carbohydrates and saying, “Goodnight everybody, see you tomorrow.” My ideal would be putting a bunch of writers on a train and going from L. to New York for three days and then coming back — or going on a walk or going to a museum together. Do you see him, in a few years, become some sort of pot entrepreneur, being part of “the Green Rush? When I smoke a lot of pot, I’m wondering if this is a bad thing that I do. Then there will be times in my life when I’m like, “Dude, you’re doing okay.” But my family is overachievers, and I come from a culture that’s like, you can always do a little bit better. I need to be able to show myself that I’m not addicted. Not to say that there isn’t some sort of muscle memory of getting inside this apartment where I live and, you know, smoking at the end of the day. It’s one of the reasons I like pot, because it lets you let go of it. I’ve been with my third therapist for a year and a half now, and I really believe that she’s there for me. Or just being out in the city that we’re writing about rather than sitting in a traditional office building. I wasn’t appreciating fully all the good things, and I think that created a certain amount of self-contempt and discomfort. What I’ve noticed most about ayahuasca — and whatever the new ayahuasca is — is that my generation and the generation before, we want instant results, and I think that is always the stumbling block. I get it now — that if I choose to not accept help, I’m the only one who’s losing out. I could jam on it for a couple of years, and I don’t want to get too distracted from it. Do you feel like, in general, you went from a period of feeling sort of stuck to feeling like you are moving and exploring again? And I think I knew for a while that things weren’t going well romantically and that felt shameful. And the only way to get rid of shame is that — it wants to hide, so you have to put light on it.

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