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An American idiom expresses this requirement succinctly: If you don’t toot your own horn, who will?

Accordingly, Americans begin a discussion with a focus on accomplishments and concrete facts, and later proceed to the abstract. It is not a sign of disrespect, but instead an indication of openness, honesty and enthusiasm.

You should begin any conversation or proposal with the most important information. Personal Space - The average personal distance varies from culture to culture.

Americans tend to require more personal space than in other cultures.

Friendships are “compartmentalized” with “friends at work,” or "friends at school.” Americans often seem very friendly, even when you first meet them.

In an interview, talk about your goals and accomplishments.

First names are usually used with people of your own age and status.

If the other person is clearly older than you, you should use Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Ms., and the last name.

Approaching another person with a positive attitude will get you further than aggressiveness, which is usually not tolerated.

It is best at times to be smart and not right, even if you are sure that the other person is wrong.

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Many Americans are pleasant and professional, but indirect and hide their true emotions/feelings.

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