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We create a background screen that has the most important global information for the user throughout the test–such as Wi Fi username and password and the test URL.

The one that works the best is a camera and rig we developed ourselves—the MOD 1000.

When the facilitator has control of the participant’s screen, the facilitator can go ahead and start the tasks if the user forgets and advance the screen as necessary.

Seeing the user’s screen is also helpful for knowing what task users are on when reviewing video recordings.

The camera on the MOD 1000 plugs right into the facilitator’s computer, so the facilitator can see exactly what the user is doing in high resolution.

We use MUIQ to display task-scenarios in randomized order and collect post-task/post-test questions along with task-times.

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However, even when the technology becomes readily available like on desktops, it probably wouldn’t be sufficient.

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