Updating blackberry software on a mac

Si vous avez un smartphone Black Berry fonctionnant sous le système d’exploitation Black Berry 5.0 ou une version ultérieure, vous pouvez transférer vos contacts et vos fichiers vers votre nouveau terminal Black Berry 10 en quelques étapes simples.

If your doing an Over the Air Software Load (OTASL) - On your device, please goto Options à Advanced Options à Wireless Upgrade.

Vous pouvez également synchroniser facilement des photos, vidéos et documents avec des dossiers sélectionnés.

To update the firmware on your Blackberry you need to install Blackberry Desktop Manager to your PC.How about removing an application that you do not use anymore? The Mac version of Black Berry® Desktop Software is the perfect solution for that! Then the follow screens will appear until the completion: 9. If updates appear in the list, select one or more applications to update. Perform any of the following actions: – To check for other versions of the selected applications, click Show other versions. Connect your Black Berry smartphone to your Mac computer. On your Mac computer, in the Applications folder, click Black Berry Desktop Manager. Click the Applications icon at the top of the screen. Clear the check box beside one or more of the applications that you want to delete. Save the backup file on your PC (By Default it saves in the My Documents folder (XP) / Documents folder (Vista)Wireless Black Berry Device Software updates allow Black Berry smartphone users to update the Black Berry Device Software and Black Berry Device Software applications wirelessly.Once you select Wireless Upgrade, please follow the on screen instructions.

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You may attempt to load the latest Dev Alpha B update onto your Dev Alpha A, however the Dev Alpha A is no longer officially supported as of

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