Updating fedora 8 to 9

This introduces a new database binary data file format which is not backwards compatible with your current ( Debian 8 Jessie ) database format.

During the upgrade your databases will be upgraded automatically.

When ready, execute the bellow commands to commence the Debian Stretch upgrade process: At this stage you should have your Jessie Debian Linux system fully upgraded to Debian Stretch.

Follow, this guide to check your current Debian version.

From this reason, remove any obsolete standard repository and 3rd-party software before you attempt the upgrade.

The command which might be helpful here is: The above command will list all packages which are no longer in a standard repository list since they were removed; thus they were rendered obsolete, or the packages were installed manually.

This mechanism can also be used for Fedora Workstation upgrades if you prefer a command-line tool or if you need to try and analyze some kind of package issue that seems to be preventing the graphical method from working.

directly, without the DNF system upgrade plugin, is not explicitly tested by Fedora QA and issues with it are not considered blockers for a release, but in practice it works for many users.

For example, these may include but not limited to user home directories, databases, websites, etc.

Clicking this, or running the Software application and going to the Updates pane, should show you a simple graphical interface for upgrading the system.

It will first download the upgrade files, then prompt you to reboot the system and install them, again in similar fashion to a system update.

The rule of thumb is, the less software installed on your system, the higher chance for a successful upgrade.

The chances for a successful and fully functional upgrade are decreased by a number of 3rd-party packages installed on your current system.

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