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Answers that don't include explanations may be removed.The first route requires modifying (or using a pre-modified) image of Leopard that can be installed on a regular PC.This is not as hard as you would think, although your success/effort ratio will depend upon how closely the hardware in your PC matches that in Mac hardware - e.g.if you're running a Core 2 Duo on an Intel Motherboard, with a NVidia graphics card you are laughing.If you're running an AMD machine or something without SSE3 it gets a little more involved.If you purchase (or already own) a version of Leopard then this is a gray area since the Leopard EULA states you may only run it on an "Apple Labeled" machine.I do think you should consider whether the time you will invest is going to be worth the money you will save though.It was for me because I enjoy tinkering with this type of stuff and I started during the early i Phone betas, months before their App Store became available.

Leopard server however CAN be run under emulation and can be used for desktop purposes. If you're interested in option 1) I would suggest starting at Insanelymac and reading the OSx86 sections.Alternatively you could pickup a low-spec Mac Mini from e Bay.You don't need much horse power to run the SDK and you can always sell it on later if you decide to stop development or buy a better Mac.Unity 5 is fully unlocked as well, even the free version.Unity supports i OS, Android and most other platforms.

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