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Share Point also offers the possibility of creating Site Columns. They're columns we create in a Share Point site, and are available to its subsites.

As you can see, when you create a Share Point Site Column, it is available to the site and its sub-sites.

When you create a Site Column, you have various additional choices aside from the usual suspects.

Most of these columns are available for Publishing Sites.

Advantages: They can be reused by multiple lists and libraries within a site and its subsites.

It also helps by centralizing the configuration of the column in one place, which makes it easier to update choices in a choice column, for example, that are used by multiple lists and libraries.

This was simply due to human error, after repeating the same action so many times.

Others realized that it was just too long to update the column with new configuration, because they had to go to each library in the site, one by one, to edit them.

In this article, my goal is to explain what these columns are and when you should use them.However, if you try to interact with another site, it can be very difficult.Unless you have the Standard or Enterprise version of Share Point, with the Content Query Web Part, it will be difficult for you to interact with other sites.I usually recommend creating the Site Column at the top site so that all sub sites, and future sub sites, can benefit from it.However, this may not always be the best thing to do in all cases.

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