Updating partition details error

I tried the power button but I get a TWRP lockscreen.

Unlocking the lockscreen causes TWRP to return to the same window indicating it is updating the partition details.

the simplest solution is to just delete the chroot in the app and have the app download the new chroot :) if you are unable to boot, you likely flashed the wrong kernel.

Hey was just wondering what the locations of those symlinks are...

Any ideas what I need to do so that I can make a backup? Is it possible that there could be a lot of space left but not enough for a full backup?

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Failed I tried downloading a different ROM (Paranoid Android, then Paranoid KANGdroid, then CM10), installing from the external SD card instead of the internal one, switching from CWM to TWRP since some people have been complaining about CWM recently, and I just keep getting the same error.

Also, when I try to install the zip file from my computer instead of my phone, it won't let me put the file in any of the SD card's folders, so I'm not sure if that's normal/relevant to the problem. There are some solutions and something about editing a script.

I had to keep the button pressed while unlocking TWRP at the same time and I got my Nexus to boot. Figured I'd provide an update in case this happens to anyone else.

I just had the same problem as well using twrp on transformer prime 64gb.

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