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microsoft doesn't seem to care much about the end-user who ultimalely pays their light bill. im wondering the same thing, oem installs are a odd thing to ms the “activation centers” dont know anyhting about oem installs, ive had to deal with them as a system manufacturer, honestly i wouldent be suprised if our tech department has to deal with thousands of unhappy people that locked them selves out of a unit by updateing…if i could have bought one copy and shared it i would have. windows xp has many patches to fix security and stability problems with the os, but microsoft has yet to have a single “glitch” in collecting their money from xp products.or if i could have bought three seats at a lower, more realsonable price (say -75) i would have. – by organgtoolwill this actually make an xp box run better?Be advised though that despite all this, Windows XP isn’t secure.What makes you appreciate Windows XP so much or why are you reluctant to upgrade?

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Meanwhile, Microsoft is phasing out license sales for Windows 7"Your activation period has expired.

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