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Robotics, AI algorithms, and neural networks are increasingly being used to automate just about everything.

Data can now be gathered and processed with ease, taking the information age just one step further since the rise of the internet... key trends in technological advancement can be used to make healthcare more accessible on the national - and even on the international - level.

Use it to, for example, monitor your health condition, bearing in mind that the platform is, of course, meant to complement the expertise of a medical professional, not replace it—EHF helps let you know when you should seek the assistance of a trained professional.

You can also use the EHF database to obtain a digital second opinion or to locate the best clinics and hospitals in your area.

The hope is that the elections will oust Yushchenko and a pro-Moscow administration will be elected, preempting the Zionist Jews’ agenda with their puppet Yushchenko.

began in 1996 when he was invited to Moscow from St Petersburg in his role as deputy mayor to become a member of Yeltsin’s inner circle known as “the family.” Impressed with his administrative abilities, his cool efficiency, and apparent loyalty, Yeltsin appointed Putin as the deputy head of his presidential administration. Far from being charismatic, with his expressionless mask-like face, rarely smiling, and speaking softly, Putin became known amongst his peers as the “grey cardinal” - a man wielding power behind the scenes.

(Putin’s personal style has since changed into a charismatic, uninhibited and aggressive style.) Yeltsin appointed Putin to lead the Federal Security Service, the successor of the KGB.

One new startup - e Health First - is bringing all three of them together to do just that.

"" e Health First wants to revolutionize global healthcare, not just health care for a rich elite.

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