Updating vb control from a c program

NET workspace these properties will automatically appear in the controls properties list.

The Nitty Gritty The biggest difference between the two versions is that VB.

A more typical experience is that the wizard will encounter lines of code that cannot be automatically converted and will mark these lines with comments containing hyperlinks to additional help information.

In many cases, code will need to be substantially rewritten.

A block of code that could produce an exception can be enclosed between the try and catch keywords.

If an exception occurs after the try statement, the code following the catch executes.

Exceptions are returned as objects which can be examined to determine the exact nature of the error.

Properties can be set using the property keyword, and when the control is dropped onto a form in the Visual Studio .

All COM objects function according to a specific set of rules which dictate the entrance and exit points through which compiled files communicate. Unfortunately, it is too easy (and common) to register multiple incompatible versions of the same component which causes hard to trace errors. NET framework offers a much cleaner alternative to COM.

Each application is made up of multiple files which, in addition to the executable, may also contain controls, DLLs and graphics.

These are grouped together as an assembly, and all files grouped together in the same assembly share a common version number.

This means that applications can use their own separately compiled files without relying on the Windows Registry.

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When multiple applications rely on the same compiled file, the file is placed into a shared directory.

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