Updating wireless drivers in ubuntu

:/ Ubuntu Wi Fi has been quite broken since the release of 16.04, same issues has been visible on one of my machines running 16.10...

I guess you will either have to put together a simple script to automate it and make the pain a bit less or try to find some other solution to the problem. the solution works well for me only if I suspend my system.

I followed your instructions and it all works again.

She is very happy again ;-) Regards Dik Pater The Netherlands ( 2nd country in the world) it does works like a charm.

I recently installed Ubuntu 16.04 from USB onto a Acer Aspire V5-121 laptop, and whenever I tried Ubuntu without installing, Wifi worked ok, but every time I installed the Ubuntu, Wifi completely stopped working. Sounds like you might need to install some additional drivers to get your Wi Fi chip to work.

I have an ASUS Sonic Master X540L series laptop with Ubuntu 16.04, and after using it for almost one year its WIFI connection did not resume after longer suspended states of the laptop.

Resources: - This details the /etc/pm/config.d/config config, but I had to modify it a little bit to make it work on my two laptops.

I am conected to one but I cant see others (there are many other networks around me).

When I restart my computer, the probleme is fixed... I had add (SUSPEND_MODULES="iwlwifi wlp2s0") in (sudo nano /etc/pm/config.d/config) but that haven't helped.

You can't just blindly copy/paste the config I provided in the post, but you need to replace it with the actual logical name from your output.

Sounds like you are new to Linux, in that case, welcome.

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