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Let’s explore the types of commitment you can ask your customer depending on the maturity of your MVP.

Just having an MVP or working prototype does not mean you have a viable business or product on your hands.

Convincing customers to make commitments to your product early is one of the most effective ways to validate early on that you are building towards a profitable business.

For example, if a customer funds your startup before it has built a solution, the risk is maximal for the customer.

The Industry Advisory Council validates the syllabus which ensures graduates of the Digital Marketing Institute have learned the latest tools and techniques from the world’s largest and most influential digital brands.

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In the chart below, a possible set of commitment levels is overlaid on top of the Viability Risk Map, and I’ll walk you through how to assess viability no matter what stage you’re in.I illustrate this phenomenon in the graph below: As presented above, the lowest form of commitment for a product team is to research a particular problem.To find the right business, you should be running as many quality experiments as possible with your limited runaway. The highest form of commitment is to build a big piece of software with the technical, legal, and commercial infrastructures to support it.On the customer side, the lowest form of commitment is to accept discussing with the product team about their problems and context.One of the highest possible types of commitment is to purchase the MVP.

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